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March 26, 2010

Spotlight: Sara Jantzen Helps Haiti

UPDATE: Read the follow-up article for this initiative.
On Thursday April 8th is, South Point Cactus Club is donating 15% of total sales towards tents for the Haitian people
On January 12th, when the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck in Haiti, 25 year old Sara Jantzen, server/ bartender from South Point Cactus Club, felt a strong tug on her heart to help the people in need. Two weeks later, she responded to that tugging and flew to Haiti to see how she could assist. Once in Haiti Sara connected with a group of 22 people which consisted of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and pastors. For the next two weeks Sara worked in downtown Port-Au-Prince with the many people who were in desperate need of many kinds of aid.

“In two weeks, I met the most amazing Haitian people, who had nothing, but would give everything” said Sara days after her return to Canada. While the aid continues to pour into the Country, so does the rain. The rainy season of Haiti has begun will not let up until July- just in time for the annual Hurricane season. Haitians need our help as much now as they did in January. There are still thousands of people without shelter, food or water.

Sara still has a commitment to fulfill. She has set a goal to ship 1000 tents to Haiti BY APRIL 15th. We want to help Sara reach her goal, and in turn help the thousands of homeless people of Haiti. To buy a tent, go to A HOME IN HAITI. Cactus Club will donate an appetizer card to all those who send us the email receipt of their tent donation- please send receipt to blog[at]cactusclubcafe[dot]com. Let’s all help Sara reach her 1000 tent goal by April 15th.

These people have had their lives and loved ones crushed right before their eyes, and now they need our help more than ever” said Sara Jantzen.

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