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April 30, 2010

My Mother Says…

Mother. Mom. Mum. Mommy. Mim. (Yes I’ve actually heard someone call their mother “mim”)

Regardless of what you call her, it is highly likely that your mother is one of the most important people in your life…

…and as the lady who taught you to tie your laces and cut the crust off your pb & and j sandwiches when you were little (perhaps even recently?) it is important to recognize her for all that she has done to help shape you into the person you are today.  This year, give your mum something fantabulous for Mother’s Day!

We at Cactus want to help you out in the fantabulous gift department… all you have to do is post (as a comment on this blog entry) the best piece of advice your mum has ever given you.

5 winners will be chosen on Thursday May 6th; best advice = prize.

The prize basket includes:

This contest starts April 30th – so you better start keeping track of all that sagely mother-advice being passed down to you – it could make both you and your mum a winner!

Important: You must be able to claim your prize from our Broadyway & Ash location in Vancouver .