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April 28, 2010

Sara Jantzen: Update

A week and a half ago on Thursday April 8th is, South Point Cactus Club donated 15% of total sales towards tents for the Haitian people. This is the original post of Sara Jantzen’s mission.

We wanted to thank everyone that was a part of that day. Sara Jantzen was able to raise just over $11,000 for her cause that day and $5400 came as a direct result of our guests. You all are truly are amazing!

Some of our guests asked if we knew of any local opportunities to help get involved. For those people, we recommend looking into Sawa Global:

Sawa Global is a Vancouver based non-profit organization that forgoes the traditional foreign aid model. Instead of providing money and a Western-influenced solution to local problems, Sawa focuses on supporting the local people of Haiti who have already started to realize their own success. Sawa finds local heroes and shares their solutions for change with the rest of the world. This way, local projects can be supported and even replicated in other impoverished communities.

Read about Sawa’s journey to Haiti April 10th to meet local heroes and share their successes.