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April 16, 2010

Vancouver Beardoff 2010

Day 123 – I’m Blond-ish, originally uploaded by Dusty Smith –

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again.

Yes, the Playoffs are officially upon us. In the spirit of hardcore fandom (that we Canucks fans so gracefully embody) Cactus Club would like to present you with Vancouver Beardoff 2010. A challenge based on facial hair you ask? Allow me to clarify.

For the duration of the playoffs we want you to embrace the beard. Put away your razors, hide your trimmers… it is time to compete with your fellow Cactus patrons and show that you truly have the gnarliest, woodsman-like beard in the game. Ladies, don’t think you will be discounted: encourage a boyfriend, a brother, a father or a friend to enter on your behalf, and reap the benefits (while being able to keep your skin smooth and beard free)!

Your final beard photo submission will be judged by none other than Dan Murphy, the official host of Canucks Hockey (yes, we are taking the beards that seriously).

I am sure by now you are asking yourself.. “what’s in it for me/my beard?”

the GRAND PRIZE includes:

– dinner for two at Cactus Club Cafe ($200 value)

Like any other contest, there are some important details that you’ll need to keep in mind while nurturing your facial hair to fullest growth:

1. you must send your “before” picture to; we need to know its a current photo, so hold up that day’s newspaper/some other marker of the date so we can confirm your pre-beard status!

2. we must have at least 25 participants to get this competition going – so if you really want that grand prize, encourage your friends to join! (really this is in your best interest as well… a group of wild beards together is better than a lonesome one.)

3. submit your “after” shot in the same manner as your “before” (to – the only catch? the picture of you and your beard has to be taken inside a Cactus Club enjoying your favourite game-time grub!

4. judging will take place once the Canucks are out of the playoffs (or once they win!)