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May 10, 2010

Mondays With Murph: Week 5

VANCOUVER, CANADA - NOVEMBER 26: Vancouver Canucks pay-per-view broadcast host Dan Murphy sits at the anchor desk during the game between Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings at General Motors Place on November 26, 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Dan Murphy

Every Monday at 9:00am during the playoffs we are going to ask Dan “Murph” Murphy , Host of the Canucks, a couple of questions recapping the past week of Canuck action and to take a look into the next week. If you have a question you want us to ask, comment on this post or follow him here on Twitter. Here are this Monday’s questions:

Cactus Club: The first goal seems to be crucial in this series with the exception of game two. How important is it to have the early lead against the Hawks?

Murph: Well, I’m not sure how valuable it is, however there is no question that playing with the lead is preferred. I haven’t heard a United Centre crowd that quiet in five years and it was all because Christian Ehrhoff opened up the scoring less than a minute in. Lets be honest, the Blackhawks are a young, cocky, confident team (and they should be) and if there is any way to slow them down then that is preferable for the Canucks. Scoring first fits the bill.

Cactus Club: Game 6 is at home, where the Canucks have been embarrassed and undisciplined in game 3 and 4. However they were the best home team in the regular season. What needs to change in game 6 to take advantage of the home ice?

Murph: I’m somewhat shocked how games 3 and 4 transpired. How could a team that racked up 30 wins at GM Place fold up like a cheap lawn chair in the second round of the playoffs? The Hawks are a very good team, one that feeds off mistakes, but the Canucks should never have let them own their home building like that. It says alot when a home team loses the referee battle – as the Canucks surely did in games 3 and 4 – as it shows the road team is pushing the pace and probably deserves the calls. Regardless, the Canucks need to re-take ownership of their building and send the Hawks scattering.

Cactus Club: Sami Salo leaving for the hospital puts added pressure on the remaining D if he is injured. Who steps in for Sami if he can’t play in game 6 and who gets added minutes?

Murph: Aside from Luongo, and Im sure some may argue this, there is no Canuck more valuable at this time of year than Sami Salo. If indeed he is finished, then so are the Canucks chances, as Salo is the most solid Defenseman Vancouver has. At the beginning of the season, there may not have been a deeper team on the blueline than the Canucks. Now all of a sudden names like Rome, Nycholat and Baumgartner are seen as suitable replacements when in September they were 10-12 on the depth chart. I guess time will tell how it all works out.

I always love to hear and answer your questions. If you have a question you’d like asked/answered for next week, you can email blog[at]cactusclubcafe[dot]com or just comment below. To get an idea of what types of questions get answered, take a peek at Week 1 , Week 2’s or Week 3’s questions. I can’t wait to come home for game 6 to be able to try some of Rob Feenie’s signature dishes.


Dan Murphy – A.K.A “Murph”