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May 12, 2010

Wine Wednesday: Cameron Hughes

Coming to our locations Monday 17th!

About Cameron Hughes ‘Flying Winemaker’ Zinfandel

Cameron Hughes is a modern international négociant (one who buys grapes and grape juice from different vineyards around the world. A négociant makes wine from these grapes and sells it). He’s made himself famous in the wine world by consistently delivering small “Lots” of high-end wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and California at very affordable prices.  Unfortunately, when a particular Lot is finished, it is gone forever.

However, after years of sourcing these wines, Cameron has developed lasting relationships with some great wineries and winemakers.  It was through these relationships that he saw a chance to work with a select few on an ongoing basis. This is how the Flying Winemaker series was born.

Sam’s Six Questions and Answers about this wine:

a) Where is the winery ? The wine is from Lodi, California.  Lodi is to Zinfandel what Napa is to Cabernet. Lodi zins are big, powerful wines with great depth and complexity. This wine comes from vineyards with not just old vines but ancient vines, some 100 years old. The vines are low yield but provide fruit of excellent quality.

b) Can you describe the flavour of the wine? Intense dark-berry

c) What does this wine add to the Cactus wine list? It not only represents exceptional quality but an old vine Zinfandel at a very affordable price

d) Which Cactus menu item does this wine pair with? Rob’s Hunter Chicken

e) Available by bottle only or by the glass? By the glass

f) Describe this wine in 3 words: Luscious fruit bomb


Sam Zavari

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