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June 2, 2010

Wine Wednesday: Bottle Tree

The name Bottle Tree refers to the Baobab tree, native to Australia and a distinctive feature to the region surrounding the vineyard. These almost comical looking trees have a swollen, bottle shaped trunk that stores water for drought periods. The roots of these trees have been an aboriginal delicacy.  In colonial times the hollowed out trunk was at times used as a day prison for convicts!  A door was cut into the side of the tree to lock up the prisoner.

Each bottle of Bottle Tree depicts an abstract interpretation of the Baobab tree.

Visit their website.

Seven frequently asked questions and answers:

Where is the winery located? Southeastern Australia

What varietal is it? Chardonnay/Semillon

Can you describe the flavour of the wine? Lemon citrus with hints of honeysuckle, fresh crisp acidity and a well- balanced lingering finish.

What does this wine add to the Cactus wine list? A nice alternative to the sometimes overbearing oaky chardonnays. The blend of herbaceous Semillon (a notable white wine grape from France and Australia, pronounced ‘seh-mee-yohn’) definitely gives this wine perfect balance.

Which Cactus menu item does this wine pair with? Sablefish

Glass or Bottle? By the glass

Describe this wine in 3 words: Refreshing, everyday drinking