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June 9, 2010

Wine Wednesday: Hillside Viognier

Hillside Estates Winery, originally uploaded by Janis Behan.


Hillside Estate Winery began in 1984 when husband and wife team, Vera and Bohimir Klolocka began replacing their apricot orchard with wine grapes. In 1989 Vera, along with two other small vineyard owners, lobbied the BC government to produce and sell their wine to the public directly from their winery. Their success was proven when BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm announced the “Farm Gate Winery Policy.”

Hillside Winery therefore  became one of the first Farm Gate Wineries in British Columbia. Until that time, there existed only the large commercial estate winery operations. With the emergence of the Farm Gate winery policy, a whole new dimension was added to the wine industry in British Columbia!

7 FAQ about Hillside Viognier:

  • Where is the winery located? Naramata, BC
  • What is the varietal? Viognier
  • Can you describe the flavour of the wineFull bodied, stone fruits, particularly apricots, with fresh, floral characteristics.
  • What does this wine add to the Cactus wine list? For those on the ABC train (anything but chardonnay), Viognier (pronounced ‘vee-ohn-nhay’) offers guests a trendy alternative.
  • Which Cactus menu item does this wine pair with? Jambalaya Rice Bowl
  • Glass or Bottle? By the glass
  • Describe this wine in 3 words: Powerful, fresh, aromatic

Always love to hear about new wines to try – let me know your favourite! Cheers,

– Sam Z