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July 12, 2010

Artist Profile:Brent Comber

North Vancouver native, Brent Comber is an internationally celebrated artist whose handcrafted wood sculptures, art and furniture are on display in hotels, restaurants and museums across the globe.  Comber’s creations are constructed from fallen wood or environmentally sustainable sources such as cast-offs from mills that would be otherwise wasted.

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you look at or touch one of Comber’s pieces.  He really says it best….

“Wood is the material through which I communicate my message and the stories that I want to share. The raw material has an even deeper appeal for me than the objects that I create from it. The sensory language of wood—its visual impact, fragrance, feel, even the array of sounds it emits as I work with it—engages and guides me.” ~ Brent Comber

We first encountered Comber’s genius when designing our Bentall location (seen above) where we chose the Alder Disks to bring warmth and dimension in contrast to our modern white washrooms. The varying sizes of branches within the Alder Disks mirror the light and dark reflections of a natural forest.

After Bentall we couldn’t get enough!  Cactus was so enamoured with Comber and his team of artists that we chose to commission a stunning 26’ x 3’ Shattered Sculpture for our West Edmonton Cactus Club. Stretching along the wall in the Dining Room, the Red Cedar sculpture is  lit from above creating a glow that reaches across the room. The subtle undulations mirrors the landscape of the Rocky Mountains that run through BC and Alberta.

The Shattered Sculpture in Comber’s words:

“I was curious to see if I could create random patterns by splitting, assembling and juxtaposing different sizes, shapes, and grain patterns of wood, and whether human nature would compel me to create order out of such chaos.” ~ Brent Comber

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Cactus Represents: Alder Disk – Men’s and Women’s Washrooms Bentall Cactus Club Café, Alder Cube Washroom Hallway Bentall Cactus Club Café, Custom Shattered Sculpture West Edmonton Cactus Club Cafe