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November 25, 2011

Robson Mystery Locker Challenge

We are excited to announce a Robson Cactus Club Cafe exclusive: The Robson Mystery Locker Challenge.

What is the Robson Mystery Locker Challenge?

On select calendar dates (listed below) throughout the entire 2011 NHL season , when you watch the game at Robson, you can also win some great prizes. Some examples of prizes include Private Tasting Events for you and your friends (valued at $250), Cactus Club Cafe Gift Cards, NHL jerseys, and the ultimate prize: NHL tickets!

How do you win?

For every menu item that you order during the game, you will receive a ballot to put into the draw for the prize. The draw will happen at the end of the night and the prize will be a mystery. Sleeves of Molson Canadian will be offered for $4 on all game nights.

When to visit us on for the Robson Mystery Locker Challenge:

January 12th (Thursday)-Blues
January 29th (Sunday) – All Star Game
January 31st (Tuesday)-Chicago Blackhawks

February 2nd (Thursday)-Detroit Red Wings
February 18th (Saturday)-Toronto Maple Leafs

March 8th (Thursday)-Winnipeg Jets
March 28th (Wednesday)-Colorado Avalanche

April 5th (Thursday)-Calgary Flames

For more details, ask your server.  Reservations welcome.