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August 13, 2012

Pride Parade 2012

Remember us from the parade in 2011? Well we were back again this year and had an amazing time! The following is a guest post from Joel (pictured above):

If you’re going to do something, it is important to take pride in it.  Sunday afternoon, August 5th, it was clear to see that everyone dancing on and alongside our ‘English Bay-Watch’ Float was thrilled to be involved with Cactus Club Cafe and Vancouver’s Pride Parade.

Pride parades have come a long way since originating as political marches for gay rights and in the spirit of liberate, educate and celebrate, Vancouver has proved to be quite a celebration indeed.  It is so nice to see so many organizations and corporations showing their connection with the LGBT community.  The energy of the “English Bay Watch Lifeguards” was a definitely a reflection of the thousands of spectators who also came out to support the LGBT community.

Looking forward to next year!

View the whole gallery of the Cactus Club Cafe at the Pride Parade on our Facebook Page.