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August 28, 2012

Staff Spotlight – Danielle McTaggart

At Cactus Club Cafe, our people (AKA business partners) are the most important aspect of our business. In this feature spotlight post, we highlight one of our business partners doing something special in the communities that we do business in. I had a chance to catch up with Danielle McTaggart, who works at Cactus Club Cafe South Point, to find out more about her band – Dear Rouge – and their involvement in 100.5’s: The Peak Performance Project; a competition showcasing BC’s top talent in the music industry. Dear Rouge has been chosen as one of the Top 20 bands for 2012. Below is her single, “Heads Up! Watch Out!” Starting September 11, they have 7 content releases (songs, videos and more) in 7 weeks so if you like their sound, check their website often. Interested in working along side people like Danielle? Check out Cactus Club’s current opportunities.

1. Dane: Who is Dear Rouge? And how did you discover you had a great connection to make music together?

Danielle: Dear Rouge consists of myself, Danielle, and my husband Drew McTaggart. We are a pop/rock duo out of Vancouver, Canada.

Drew and I came from different backgrounds and different tastes. Combined we have toured over three continents and completed four albums. We both would see each other on tour every so often and really hit it off.

We started sharing our musical opinions and staying connected through our love for music, both respecting one another’s talent. As we became friends we started to realize we didn’t want to stop talking and started dating long distance. When we were dating, Drew and I decided to record a song combining our styles. This is when we recorded our first single, “Heads Up! Watch Out!” When we shared the song with our friends and family, we received some great feedback and were encouraged to try creating a band.

2. Dane: Which artists (both current and past) have influenced you individually and as a duo?

Danielle: I know this is pretty typical but hands down the most influential band is the Beatles. They are so creative and bizarre, yet the most popular band of all time. That is what I would love to do with our music – reach the masses, but also be true to explore creativity through music. One of the hardest things to find these days is a true creative pop band.

Current bands we listen to and respect the most are: Phoenix, Killers, Katy Perry, Elbow, Middle East, and M83 to name a few. Our style is influenced by so many different styles.

3. Dane: Danielle, you work at Cactus Club Café. How do you like it and how has your job supported your love for music?

Danielle: I have worked for Cactus Club Cafe South Point for around two years, and I honestly love what I do. It is an incredible company to work for because they truly care about people. It’s like we’re all family, and I love that community and the social aspect of my job.

Since ‘Dear Rouge’ got accepted into the Peak Performance Project, Cactus Club has been behind us 100%. We have so many staff come out to support us! And not only staff, but also customers have come out to support as well. I am very grateful for the relationships I have built and how Cactus Club cares about what we are doing. It’s amazing!

4. Dane: How has the Peak Performance Project helped you grow as artists?

Danielle: The Peak Performance Project has been great to progress our band. First of all, we are competing for $100,500 with 19 other bands, so we end up working out butts off, and get really competitive. Building relationships with other musicians is amazing and were so excited to get connected with like-minded people. Also it has given us a lot of exposure, through radio and performances. I would recommend any band in BC to give it a go!

5. Dane: How can you help Dear Rouge?

Danielle: Here are the 3 ways you can help us win this contest: