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October 27, 2015

Iron Chef Champion Rob Feenie Takes Toronto

We’re here, Toronto.

Chef Rob Feenie, one of Canada’s most celebrated chefs, is bringing his globally inspired cuisine to Toronto with the opening of Cactus Club Cafe’s first eastern location. Coining the new term “creative fine dining,” this 500-seat, three-floor space reimagines the concept of fine dining while showcasing Feenie’s unique talent for cooking simple, elegant dishes using fresh, sustainable ingredients. Taking a creative approach to fine dining has led to an elevated yet approachable menu, a relaxed atmosphere, and a vibrant, authentic experience that can only be described as creative fine dining.

Occupying over 15,200 square feet of the downtown core’s premium First Canadian Place location, this eastern flagship is a new concept for the Cactus Club Cafe collection of restaurants. Unlike anything in their current portfolio, this restaurant is actually three distinct dining concepts under one roof: the Rob Feenie Dining Room and Lounge, Kate’s Bar, and The Deck (rooftop patio).

Beyond the structure of the restaurant, what really sets Cactus Club Cafe apart is the 360-degree attention to detail, which all starts with the food. With an Iron Chef champion at the helm, the quality of food is the star of the show but equally important is the AAA location, an acute devotion to the atmosphere, music, and an unparalleled commitment to art and design.

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Cactus Club Cafe at First Canadian Place opens at 5 PM on Tuesday, October 27. We are open daily:

Sunday to Wednesday 11am – 1am

Thursday to Saturday 11am – 1:30am