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June 28, 2016

98 DAYS OF SUMMER: New Drinks You Must Try

To celebrate our annual 98 Days of Summer feature menu, we sat down with Cactus Club Cafe Director of Bar Operations, Kris Jensen to hear what inspires him, and to discover more about this summer’s newest drinks.

What’s the story behind the NEW Passion Fruit Bellini? 

This highly addictive and balanced drink was designed to showcase the delicious qualities of the underappreciated Passion Fruit. Frozen cocktails are coming back in a big way and it is the perfect vehicle to showcase this tasty ingredient. Between the perfect chill of the drink and the smooth flavor, I can’t imagine a better drink to be sipping on the patio this summer. Made with real Passion Fruit juice and purée, it’s tropical flavours will have you Caribbean dreaming.

What’s the inspiration behind the NEW Summer Smash?

The Summer Smash was designed to be a refreshing interlude to a hot summer day. The cooling flavour of cucumber is matched with Thai basil and ginger to create a herbaceous spiciness that quenches and chills.

Summer Smash | Cactus Club Cafe

What would be the perfect pairing to the Summer Smash ?

The Summer Smash pairs naturally with our feature summer dishes such as the Ceviche and Tuna Stack. Each dish has a balanced acidity that mimics a similar flavour profile to the cocktail. If you are looking to pair with an entrée, try it alongside Rob Feenie’s Thai Red Curry Pacific Lingcod – the smashed cucumber will do wonders to balance the mild heat from the red curry.

Can you tell us about the NEW addition to our drink menu: Grapefruit Lager?

The Parallel 49 Tricycle Grapefruit Lager is a summer beer at its best. Originally developed by Austrian cyclists who wanted a refreshing low alcohol beer to enjoy on long rides, it has been locally perfected by Parallel 49 Brewing. With the perfect amount of citrus flavour and a smooth lager profile, it’s sure to be a big hit on the patios this summer.

Cactus Club Cafe | Grapefruit Radler

What does ‘spike my trike’ mean?

For those who love the taste of the Tricycle Grapefruit Radler, but want to kick it up a notch, we offer a ‘spike your trike’ option. This allows you to ‘spike’ your Radler with Vodka, Gin or Tequila – for those who don’t have to get back onto a bike after.

Finish this sentence: If I was a cocktail I’d be a … and why?

Manhattan – Sophisticated and subdued upfront but after a few I’ll get you talking and after the fourth the trouble begins. And, naturally… I’m always blamed for the hangover.

What’s your favourite bar in the world? (Outside of Cactus of course!)

That is a tough one, but I have had some amazing times at a bar in Brooklyn called Maison Premiere. It’s a gorgeous room that produces gorgeous drinks.

Want to find out more? Watch the video below!