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June 18, 2019

Summer’s Finest Craft Beer Collab

juicy, hazy, citrus pale ale with tropical flavours.

Introducing our *NEW* Summer Haze Citrus Pale Ale – exclusively made in collaboration with Vancouver’s Parallel 49 and Abbotsford’s Field House Brewing

Back when patio season seemed far, far away, the Cactus Bar team got together with two of our favourite local breweries to create a truly one-of-a-kind beer. The result – the Summer Haze Citrus Pale Ale – comes just in time for you to fall in love with your new summer beer.

We sat down with Hiroshi Tsukada of Parallel 49, to spill some of the details on our first-ever craft beer collab.

What was the inspiration for the Summer Haze?

“We [wanted] to brew something light and fruity, a slightly tart summer seasonal brew. We came up with the idea of adding lime to a hazy beer. On a prior collaboration beer we brewed with [Field House] (Brews Brothers Vol. 5 Habanero Peach Gose), we added a small amount of lime and we both loved the aroma/flavour it offered.”

What are the core flavour profiles?

“Lime, tropical fruit (lychee, kiwi, guava), light crisp malt, light tartness.”

What makes it special?

“This beer is special because of the unique addition of real lime juice. Unlike many of the hazy IPA/Pale Ales out there, it’s hoppy but not bitter. Not too thick, heavy or cloying. Not too heavily hop loaded. It’s light, refreshing and delicately balanced. Good to drink in multiple pints or drink with delicate dishes.”

What food would it pair best with?

“It’ll pair with a wide range of food but I imagine it pairs well with delicately flavored food with chicken, white fish, or salad.” Our recommendation: Rocket Salad or Baja Fish Tacos.

What was it like to collaborate with Field House Brewing?

“[We did a] collab brew for Brews Bros [with Field House], and we were impressed with their approach to making beer recipes. They were very attentive, looked closer into the details, were keen to fine-tune after the trial batch, focused on making beer ‘balanced’. They gave us lots of input and it was a real collaboration in the truest sense.”

What do you think will surprise our guests when they try Summer Haze?

“It might not surprise them like an expressive, show off hop bomb IPA, but it’s loaded with good hop flavor and a delicate pleasant lime aroma. Refreshing, easy drinking, delicately balanced are the words that describe this beer. I want them to have a sip and take time to enjoy the flavor components and combination in the beer as they would do with a fine Cactus dish.”

beer cheers.

Find this beer on the menu at any Cactus location in British Columbia or Alberta (even during Happy Hour).