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July 17, 2019

Must-try Dishes At The New Cactus Station Square

If you’re coming down to our new Cactus Club Cafe Station Square at Metrotown, you may see some giddy chefs who’ve been working like – well, passionate chefs – to create a variety of new and exciting dishes which were unveiled for this opening.

Here are the headlines:


Chef Rob Feenie and the Test Kitchen team have been wanting to add sushi to the Cactus menu for a long time. Japanese cuisine has influenced many of our most popular dishes over the years, often with a west coast spin.

The challenge was to create something unique in a country where sushi has been incredibly popular for decades. But when our chefs get to research, collaborate, create, taste and perfect, they’re in their element. And the results are three distinct, flavourful rolls – the Spicy Ahi Roll, the Prawn Crunch Roll and the Avocado Zen Roll.

Spicy Ahi Roll

Spicy Ahi Roll: This roll’s balance of sweet and spicy flavours comes from a few elements. The Ocean Wise™ ahi’s marinade gives it acidity, a bit of kick and some sweetness.  Combined with fresh asparagus, cucumber, avocado, mango and crispy yam curls, the roll is packed with nutrients and looks as brilliant as it tastes.

Prawn Crunch Roll

Prawn Crunch Roll: A more intricate play off the much-loved dynamite roll, our Prawn Crunch Roll features light, crispy panko-breaded prawns with fresh asparagus, cucumber, avocado and mango. Finished with sriracha mayo and soy glaze, this roll is bound for legendary status.

Avocado Zen Roll

Avocado Zen Roll: This 100% plant-based roll is high on taste and intrigue. The citrus from the yuzu tamari brings out the fresh flavours of avocado, cucumber and mango. But you’ll enjoy yet another dimension with the subtle soy glaze and crispy taro topping.

Steak + Sushi

Steak + Sushi: The perfect pairing of two culinary jewels, our new Steak + Sushi is the west coast version of a Surf and Turf. Beautifully grilled and cut Certified Angus Beef® sirloin is served in a soy caramel foam alongside our Prawn Crunch Roll, which delivers the fresh flavours of seafood, vegetables and our authentic Japanese sushi rice.


Drunken Cherry Chocolate Brownie

The plant-based offering at Cactus Club Cafe Station Square is extensive and features a number of exclusive dishes, including:

The Beyond Burger™: With a fresh hand-smashed Beyond Burger™ patty, dairy-free cheese, condiments and a vegan bun, this 100% plant-based burger is a satisfying indulgence.

Drunken Cherry Chocolate Brownie: Rich and decadent, our newest dessert has been an instant hit with staff and guests. A dreamy warm brownie goes next level with Umaluma™ cherry pecan dairy-free gelato, chocolate sauce, coconut whip and amarena cherry coulis.


New at Cactus Station Square: the Cobb Salad – the classic salad which originated in Hollywood

Sablefish – created by Chef Rob Feenie, this dish centres around BC’s sumptuous Ocean Wise™ sablefish marinated in soy-sake and finished with Peking duck broth.

PEI Ribeye Steak: For those who truly love steak, this is the ultimate meal. A 12 ounce certified organic ribeye, naturally-raised and dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days. A steak that commands respect by chefs and guests alike, this ribeye is bold, rich, and exceptionally flavourful.

Decision-making is a struggle at Cactus Station Square, so we recommend that you bring a few people, (who are into sharing a few dishes) and a big appetite. We can’t wait to see you and to hear what you think of our new menu items.