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October 22, 2019

How We Roll − Sushi x Cactus

Prawn Crunch Roll, Spicy Ahi Roll

You love sushi. We love sushi. Anyone in their right mind loves sushi. And this is why it took us so long to offer sushi on our menu. It had to live up to this enormous sushi love and respect.

To that end,  our Cactus Test Kitchen chefs – who know a thing or two about sushi – wanted to develop our own unique versions in collaboration with a true master – Chef Hilary Nguy of Temaki Sushi in Vancouver.

Meet Chef Hil Nguy 

Chef Hil is the founder of Temaki Sushi in Vancouver, and he’s been making inspired sushi for 21 years. From a young age, Chef Hil knew his career would involve food. As a child growing up in Vancouver’s Chinatown, he and his family went to all kinds of restaurants and he was always surrounded by a variety of interesting food. 

Although Chef Hil didn’t go out for sushi often as a child, when he did, he always insisted on sitting at the sushi bar so he could admire the careful preparation and attention to detail that went into every roll.  But what he loved the most was sushi chefs’ interaction with their guests, and the smiles they put on guests’ faces. This connection still inspires Chef Hil today. 

Chef Hilary Nguy

Chef Hil meets Cactus

For many, many months, Chef Hil and the Cactus Test Kitchen chefs shared ideas, experimented, tasted and refined a huge variety of rolls and sushi dishes. Behind their work was a shared vision of using authentic sushi techniques and ingredients to uphold the highest standards of flavour and presentation. One of the biggest challenges? Making sure each roll at every Cactus restaurant is prepared in a way that is consistent and feels special to our guests. 

About Cactus sushi

At Cactus, we love to put a unique, obsession-inducing spin on culinary classics. As the Spicy Ahi Roll and Prawn Crunch Roll hits menus at select locations, guests will enjoy some of their favourite tastes and ingredients and will also notice special elements that distinguish them from your everyday rolls.  For example, the acidity and sweetness in our Spicy Ahi Roll’s marinade creates a beautifully flavourful tuna, and the panko-crusted Ocean Wise prawns are made to retain their crunch and juiciness. 

Spicy Ahi Roll

It’s in the rice.

The best sushi is made with true, perfect sushi rice. If you wonder why some sushi tastes exceptional while some is bland and dry, it very often comes down to the rice.

Seriously, that rice.

Yes, rice! Premium, highest-grade Japanese rice. We tried eight others, rigorously, and this rice is the absolute best. Of course, the preparation and handling of the rice is also critical.  We can’t share all our rice secrets but know that ours is thoroughly soaked, carefully seasoned and kept at a sushi-perfect temperature to retain its moisture, texture and flavour.

Some final words from Chef Hil and our Cactus chefs:

Food brings people together and sushi is no exception. We hope you love our sushi – with friends, family, or on your own when you’re in the mood. May it bring happiness to your day.


Cactus Club Cafe is offering sushi at the following select restaurants, with more on their way: Abbotsford, Bentall, Broadway + Ash, Byrne Road, First Canadian Place, Langley, North Burnaby, Park Royal, Sherway Gardens, South Point, Station Square, Stephen Avenue, Yaletown.  Make an online reservation today so you can get yours soon!