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July 5, 2021

Escape to the tropics with these 3 Summer Seltzers

Summer Seltzer | Cactus Club Cafe

Thirsty for a tropical getaway? Us too. #CactusSummer just keeps on getting better with the addition of three new drinks to the Happy Hour menu! Introducing the Summer Seltzers: low calorie, light sugar and highly crushable. 

Which Summer Seltzer is for you? Read on to find out or try them all on your next visit to a Cactus patio.


Summer Seltzer with Gin or Vodka

SummerSeltzer GinVodka | Cactus Club Cafe

Smirnoff vodka or Gordon’s Gin, white peach, elderflower, soda, cucumber

You can’t go wrong with a classic Vodka or Gin soda. Add in bright, refreshing flavours of cucumber, white peach and elderflower and the world’s most popular highball just got a little more bougie (and delicious).

Summer Seltzer with Tequila

Summer Seltzer | Cactus Club Cafe

Cazadores reposado, guava, soda, lime

This one is all about the guava. Taking on inspiration from the next big wave of cocktail flavours, we mixed fresh fruity flavours like guava and lime to create this take on a light margarita. Trust us, you’ll want to try this.

Summer Seltzer with Rum

Summer Seltzer | Cactus Club Cafe

Appleton amber rum, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, orgeat, soda, lime

We’re pretty sure we saw the Bar Development team developing this cocktail with Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses on. Tart, sweet, and with a hint of spice, this seltzer was inspired by the famous rum cocktail of Hawaii, the Mai Tai.

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Cactus Club Cafe | Walking to grab a summer seltzer

*you walking up to a Cactus patio for Happy Hour