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July 14, 2021

The Incredibly Delicious Impossible™ Burger Hits Cactus Happy Hour

Impossible™ Burger

The Impossible™ Burger is the next plant-based sensation to drop on the Cactus Happy Hour menu. Perfect for meat-lovers and plant-based eaters alike, you don’t want to sleep on this burger, for more reasons than one.

1. There’s a ‘magic ingredient’ that makes the Impossible™ Patty beefy and juicy
What makes the Impossible Burger satisfy all of your meat cravings? Heme. Found in all living things including animals and plants, heme gives the Impossible Burger the flavour that has carnivores saying it delivers the taste they know and love, but it’s made from plants. Impossible Burger is made from thoughtly sourced ingredients, and you’d be surprised to learn it has just as much protein as meat from cows (19 g of protein per 113 g serving!) and is just as juicy and satisfying.

2. Environmentally friendly.
Impossible Foods set out to satisfy the demand for meat at a fraction of the environmental impact. Providing the taste you know and love but made from plants, Impossible Burger uses 87% less water, 96% less land, and generates 89% less greenhouse gas emissions, you can feel good about making a greener choice

3. Topped to perfection.
At Cactus, we know how to dress a burger, and our Impossible™ Burger is no exception. The Impossible™ patty & our vegan bun are topped with red relish, ketchup, mustard and vegan mayo. Plus, you can sub the Impossible patty on any other Cactus burger to enjoy all your favourite fixings!

4. It’s now on special every day from 2–5pm.
And late night, where applicable. No further explanation required!

Impossible™ Burger

The Impossible™ Burger is available on Happy Hour at all Cactus locations. Enjoy!

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