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April 2, 2024

Meet the NEW Sugar-Free Margarita

If you’re looking to cut sugar without cutting your favourite drink, we’ve got something exciting to share. Our NEW Sugar-Free Margarita is an innovative take on the world’s most popular cocktail. Made with sweeteners that taste just like sugar, our new margarita hits all the same flavour notes as the classic cocktail you love, made even better with zero grams of sugar. No compromising on taste or fun? We’ll drink to that! Best of all, our new Sugar-Free Margarita is available on Happy Hour. Enjoy it afternoons & late nights for less, along with tons of other food and drink favourites starting at just $5.

Is It Really Sugar Free?

How do you make a delicious margarita with 0g of sugar? We spent months perfecting our recipe to create the iconic flavour profile without added sugars, using a mix of Cazadores reposado, fresh lime and sweeteners extracted from sources like monk fruit. The end result is a balance of sour, salty and sweet that makes a good margarita so irresistible. 

Meet Monk Fruit

While you’ve probably never seen it at the grocery store, monk fruit is a small, round fruit native to southern China. With a taste that’s 100-250 times sweeter than sugar, this fruit makes the ideal substitute for sugar-free drinks that still have tons of flavour. And because monk fruit extract contains no calories, the only thing it’s adding to our Sugar-Free Margarita is the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out the earthy tequila and fresh lime it’s mixed with.

Tequila Time

Tequila cocktails are becoming more and more popular, and with so many unique flavour profiles, from smoky mezcal to the smooth finish of Cazadores Reposado, there’s no question why these drinks are favourites at cocktail hour (or any other time). And as a low-calorie spirit with zero carbs, tequila is the perfect starting point for a delicious, more health-conscious cocktail. 

The Best Cocktail Options

We’re so excited to offer a new sugar-free cocktail for our guests that goes beyond the standard options. Of course, our margarita lineup still includes the classic version guests know and love, plus other favourites like our Jalapeno, Mezcal and Cadillac Margaritas. Make a reservation to do your own taste test next time you’re in and see if you can tell the difference between our classic and Sugar-Free Margaritas!

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